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The Educators Academy (High School Registration Form)

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Website: Ministry Inspected: BSID : 888750 Grade 9-12 Credit Courses


 Canadian Citizen
 Health Card
 PR Card
  Driving License



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I have provided the following supporting documents (PLEASE ENCIRCLE)
 Report Card
 Credit Summary

  • 1) I hereby declare that information given in this application form is to the best of my knowledge complete and correct
  • 2) If I am accepted as a student at Educators Academy, I hereby agree to abide by all the rules and regulations of the School
  • 3) School shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss, damage or injury
  • 4) I have read and acknowledged the Refund Policy and Regulations mentioned below in the form
  • 5) I hereby acknowledge that i will not be granted a Credit without completing a minimum of 110 hours in class for each course taken
  • 6) All the information collected may also be used for marketing purpose. But students information will be keep confidential & will not be shared to any third party


 Credit/Debit transfer


  • 1. If an applicant accepts a place in a course or program offered by the school and pay the required tuition fee, it mean that a binding contract is created between two parties.
  • 2. Application/ Registration fee and other administrative charges are non-refundable and are included in the tuition fee
  • 3. No refund of tuition fee if a student with-draws after the commencement of the course or program
  • 4. Any student who is expelled by the School will not be entitled to any refund of any fee
  • 5. Notificaiton of withdrawal/ cancellation from a course's or program's or deferral from a course's or program's of study must be made in writing to the School
  • 6. Educators Academy reserve the right not to offer a course or a program previously made available at its own discretion. In case of cancelaltion or discontinue of any course or program, the student will be registered in a course or the program on the start date available