Spring is now in full swing, and with only a few weeks left until school recesses for the summer, it’s time to start thinking about how you can help your child avoid the summer brain drain. When schools are closed and students are free, they can lose their academic skills over the summer break. This results the failure and loss of academic skills which they acquired during their school years. Our summer program helps the students to remember the material which they learned during the school year.

The Educators Academy’s summer programs focuses on a perfect alternative to vacation care for kids who enjoy trying and learning new things. For every student, we have designed a specific program. Our hours are flexible which are convenient to your schedule to adjust your child in our summer program.

We have three types of activities for summer

  • Academic/ curriculum support for next grade
  • Learning skills for French, Math and English
  • Reading and Writing Help

 Our rates are affordable and competitive.

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