Tuition Courses

The Educators Academy also provides tutoring services for all grades right from JK till Grade 12. All the teachers are not just OCT certified but they are the best in the subject and make understanding the concepts so easy that all students love to come to our school.

The timings are after school and on Saturdays. The batches are small and fee is very reasonable. Students benefit from one on one teaching by our certified teachers. Our teachers can help with everyday home work or teach the topics prior to learning in regular school.

We provide both individual and one on one tuition services to the students based on the assessment of the student prior to the class. Students can register in hourly based program or monthly program. In our monthly tutoring program students pick two days in a week. We follow a high academic standard as a guide for the creativity and leadership of our teachers. Our objectives are not set in stone, with occasional revisions developed in response to the latest research on educational innovations and theories.


  • Mathematics
  • English (Reading and Writing Help)
  • Science
  • French

High School Subjects:

  • English (Academic, Applied, University and College)
  • Mathematics (Academic, Applied, Mixed Courses and University and College)
  • Science (Academic, Applied, University and College)
  • French
  • Technology and Computer Science

Fee Structure

You are welcome to try out a few lessons with us and just pay on an hourly basis. There are no registration or assessment charges. Our services are very economical to the parents.