Our Services:

The Educators is a registered tutoring academy. The Educators tutoring service is a great way to help your child unlock his or her potential and prepare for future success – and nobody understands that better than the devoted instructors at Learning. Whatever your child’s grade or ability level, we identify our programs to each one’s needs, helping him or her develop important academic skills, improve their confidence and cultivate a love for learning — something that’s often missing in mass education.

The Educators academy enhance the Learning by teachers they demonstrate a variety of behaviours associated with kindness: interpersonal warmth, care, empathy, support, safety, and intellectual encouragement and this behaviour increase a learner’s creativity, criticality, autonomy, and satisfaction; and result in better student attendance and grades. Success starts at The Educators Academy, so contact us today to discover the difference we can make for you and your child.

All of our tutors are hand-selected and have the common desire to help students. They are subject experts and have substantial training in communication skills and one-to-one teaching methods.  They are OCT Certified to meet the challenges of Ontario Curriculum. This isn’t just a job for them – it’s a chance to help in a good change of a student’s life.


Help for Parents:

We understand the gaps and problems in the education system, and the stress parents feel in management of their child’s education.

No matter what, we will do everything in our power to help your child. Your child’s success is our success, and nothing takes preference over that. We take pride in going the extra mile for our students every day.



We are a registered tutoring who is registered by Canadian Revenue Agency. We are the one of few Tutoring services who is registered. Also we are the only one whose all tutors are OCT Certified.



We believe that every child has the right to obtain a great education. That’s why we make our services affordable to everyone. From basic learning grades to highest grades, the hourly rate will vary, but we are going to provide the best rates for every child as compared to other tutoring centres. Our competitive hourly rate that is consistent with professionally trained supplemental education tutoring provides industry-wide education based on the skills of students.