Student Services


The Educators Academy’s philosophy of Special Education the provision of appropriate learning environments and experiences for exceptional students and for students is that every student can succeed. We believe that all students educated have an opportunity to learn, to live and to contribute as responsible citizens in any society.

The Educators Academy will accommodate students who have an official IEP (Individual Education Plan) from their home school or school board. Please feel free to contact us if your child requires some assistant with his/her education. We offer all high school courses which can be easily transferred to their home school or applied to universities in the future. Each course material and other resources would be offered at home on the availability of internet. Final exam will also be offered at home with accommodation of extra time.

Students must submit an official copy of their IEP to The Educators Academy office, and information in the IEP will be shared with the teachers. Any student who is granted an appropriate accommodation will only receive that accommodation in that specific way. It is highly recommended that parents submit their children’s IEP as soon as they register, or contact The Educators Academy office well in advance of any quiz, test, exam or project and discuss any necessary accommodations.

Requirements for Ontario Secondary School Diploma

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) is an important document for all the high school students in Ontario. It is required by all the universities, colleges and workplaces to offer admission to students in different disciplines and departments.

The Educators Academy is a Ministry Accredited Private High School offering different courses in class and online. Students can achieve credits either in class by enjoying the classroom environment or online from anywhere around the world. The Educators Academy will issue the OSSD to the students who will complete all of their courses with us. Also, if a student completed his/her final credit(s) with The Educators Academy, we will issue OSSD to that student as well. The OSSD issued by The Educators Academy is recognized by all the universities and colleges around the world.

Ontario Virtual School (OVS) is an Ontario Ministry of Education accredited online private high school. OVS offers students in Canada and abroad the opportunity to earn an an OSSD entirely online. OVS students can complete their credits online from anywhere around the world. The OSSD earned at OVS is equivalent to an OSSD earned through a publicly funded secondary day school.

To earn a high school diploma in Ontario, students must:

  • • earn 18 Compulsory credits
  • • earn 12 Optional credits
  • • pass the Literacy requirement
  • • complete a minimum of 40 hours of Community Involvement Activities
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Final Exam

The Educators Academy has a mandatory final exam for all of its courses. To maintain educational reliability, all final exams must be written in-person under the supervision of an approved proctor. For the sake of student’s convenience, the date and time of the final exam is decided by the student, but the proctor must be approved by The Educators Academy. Before writing exam, student must submit his/her work to the teacher including, assignments, classwork, projects, quizzes and test. Once student will submit his/her work and his attendance hours are complete, he/she can write an exam in the presence of Proctor.

In order to be approved by The Educators Academy, proctor must have to satisfy all of the following mandatory principles:

  • • Proctor should not be the relative of student
  • • Proctor should not be a student
  • • Proctor should not be a tutor
  • • Proctor should have a university degree/college
  • • Proctor should be able to read and speak in the English language
  • • Proctor should have a valid, dedicated business email address

If the proctor is approved, both the proctor and student will be provided with detailed exam instructions via email. The approved proctor and student may then proceed with the final exam as scheduled by the student. Proctors must have an access to a printer and scanner. Once the exam has been written, the proctor will make sure to sign it, scan and email it back to The Educators Academy.

English Language Learners

The Educators Academy offers courses in English as a second language to assist in the integration of students who come from other parts of the world. In addition to learning English and upgrading their language skills, these courses give students the opportunity to share their own cultures and learn about Canadian traditions and customs. As well, students learn about the Ontario school system and available resources within the academy and community. Our teachers will support them to make friends and reach their full potential in a new cultural setting. The Educators Academy offers a variety of resources and supports to help them to continue to develop the English language skills they need to be successful in their studies.