The Educators Academy has proven itself as Three Best Rated Tutoring centre in Brampton, ON. Become a part of a company that has helped over many students to succeed in their future and get the acceptance from the universities of their own choice. We worked determinedly to figure out ways to give business owners who were keenly interested in making a difference in the lives of students and also in the education field, but they were not the tutors by themselves.

Our team will help you in all aspects to assess and evaluate the relationship of students with teachers, to build a personalized plan for the student's success, parents' involvement, their feedback and the healthy relationship within communication. We will provide you FREE consultation in all these fields. This approach is so influential that 90 percent of consultations feel confident about our discussions with The Educators Academy. Almost every family and friend tries to recommend us after taking services.

Private tutoring franchises are one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide, and The Educators Academy is considered as one of the best 3 Rated Franchises in 2016, 2017 and 2018, offering its services in the community. We offer support to our education franchises at every step, because we do believe that we only succeed when you will.

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After providing information, we will arrange an interview with the new supposed owner of franchise.

Step 1
After successful interview, the new supposed owner will fill the Application Form and will send it to The Educators Academy.
Step 2
Our School Members Board will review the application and will inform the new supposed franchise owner about the decision within a week.
Step 3
In the selected area, Our Marketing and Research Team will help you in Area Selection and in Research of Market. Also, our team will deal with all the queries and problems faced by new supposed franchise owner.
Step 4
After completing all the agreements in between both parties, the new franchise owner will start business and a training program would be launched to help out for new franchise.
Step 5